To all who visit, we hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful horses ... Not everything we have is pictured but before making casual requests for lists, photos and / or videos, please think of the work-load involved in providing such items, to each & every person who enquires.

If you simply love the breed or a particular horse that we have presented on the website, then we are happy to oblige your specific interests provided you are honest about not purchasing a horse or a breeding, in your first contact. Pretenders and time-wasters are frowned upon & will not be tolerated, once found out.

For the many individuals' that are now being directed to us by Helen Clutterbuck at the AHAA, please understand we have paid a substancial price to obtain accurate DNA information on the Australasian population of Spanish horses, past & present. And until recently our Stud Farm was openly penalised for taking this initiative. Therefore access to our private files, to bridge any gaps in the association's record keeping, will require a payment of an administrative fee along with the costs we have incurred, by the association or the person directed by Mrs Clutterbuck to request the information on behalf of the association, prior to any paperwork being released.

Regarding horse sales, we make the modest request that all enquiries come with your Full Name, at least one (Landline) Phone Number, a Residential Address and as much detail as possible, about what you require in your "ideal horse", i.e. colour, height, gender, age or level of education and the ultimate goal you wish to achieve?

To accommodate our International Clientelle & make provision for New Enquiries from Overseas we ask that these people forward a Landline Phone number (including Country Code & Area Code) and the most convenient time to call. We would also find it most helpful, if you indicate the Country, Region & nearest Capital City to where you are located.

As a quick explanation for our new stern approach, it needs to be understood that the stud is run over two separate properties, by an aging family of four people; One is long past retirement age, two are disabled pensioners & the other works full time off farm. In recent years we have all had health problems, which unfortunately remain with us in varying degrees of severity. Hence, upon looking through the accompanying pages, you will see that we have started to sell off some of our most prized breeding stock, to reduce numbers.

If you are looking for a horse of QUALITY, then be assured we have a reputation for matching the correct horse, to the rider, circumstance & purpose, with nothing but Outstanding Results. All you need to do is to "tell us what your Ultimate Goal is" and we will do our best to source a suitable horse, that fits all the necessary criteria. If we don't have it, we will tell you straight away, rather than waste your time or sell you something that doesn't have the genetics, aptitude or athletic ability to fulfill your dream.

All visitors to the website, should know, that if you deal with Massey Farms you are buying from the largest importer of Spanish horses since Ray Williams introduced the breed to Australia in 1971, joined by Bruce Steggles in 1973 and Alice Stainton in 1976. We are the only stud breeders' that has seen fit to introduce "fresh genetics" for the health & welbeing of PRE Australia-wide, since that time.

As you will learn, if you take the time to talk to one of us, we do not hold with buying additional registration papers from Spain, to increase the market price of Australian bred horses. We believe a good horse speaks for itself but perhaps the Dutch Proverb says it best in that "A golden bit does not make the horse any better" and to this end we place our measure of value in a horse's conformation, temperament, movement, perfomance and progeny. To date we are Australia's leading exporter with, both youngstock & stallion services finding favour overseas, in the most competitive marketplace of North America and more recently, we have been receiving alot of interest from many of Asia's developing equestrian nations.

Please feel free to take the time to read & research the information we give you. There is alot that can be learnt from our experiences and this will help to save you money in the long run.

Most of all, we hope you find the Andalusian or Lusitano you are looking for and that the partnership brings you great joy !!