Quoted Stallion prices will be significantly reduced for horse's Sold As Gelding's. On average the deduction will be around 20 -30% prior to Starting Under Saddle - There will be a smaller deduction of 10 - 20% for Saddle Horses. 

Occasionally we will have "A Special Offer" of up to 50%. This will be dependant on the number of young males we have on hand, along with our desire to keep the Iberian Herd's genetic makeup well balanced; And more often than not, it will be prompted by a harsh season, or two, taking an unreasonable toll on the land. Under those circumstance we will sell a few horses to ensure our pastures can bounce back quicker and maintain the rest of the herd.

All Horses purchased as Geldings must be castrated before leaving our property. And the horse “must" be paid for in full, BEFORE it is Gelded. If you're wondering why? Certain people taught us it has to be this way. 

Furthermore, if you purchase a horse as an Entire and then choose to geld it after you get it home, you are not entitled to a refund from us for two reasons: 
- 1. You did not enter a Gelding Purchase Agreement. 
- 2. A Gelding Agreement can only be initiated “prior” to the horse leaving our property.  

For those who are wondering if we will Consider Offers, on our unique stallions & colts? The answer is yes. We'll even give consideration to selling a rare, one-of-a-kind … (We have bred a few, over the past 7 years) … But the prices on these horses will not be eligible for any form of discount.


Breed:- PRE Andalusian
Colour:- Silver Grey
Age:- 2001
Height:- 15.1h.h
Features:- Classical Cartujano type with straight action
                  A replica of Pagan with improved temperament
                 Unique pedigree combining the brilliant El Caballo Blanco performer Embajador II, with one of the magical Uterano brothers who also represent the fairytale female line of Dacia (Sp).  Then topped-off by line-breeding to Spain's legendary Jensen.
Price:- $11,000
May negotiate "if" he goes to a dedicate Spanish breeder specialising in a melanoma free Grey breeding program.