Outstanding Performance Prospect

Shane @ 12 days of age

F2 Andalusian Colt 
Percentage:- 50% Andalusian

Cross:- Best described as Fusion ... 
The non-Andalusian percentage is a combination of working Paint Horse (25%), QH (12.5%) & Arab (12.5%).

Sire:- Cortés (aka Tez)
Dam:- MFI Spellbound (aka Sally)
DOB:- 5th of March 2022

Height Potential:- 16.1h.h. minimum; I think he'll make 16.2+h.h. But I'd prefer to remain conservative about young horse heights; Particularly ‘til you get a good idea of their growth pattern. Mostly because too many Andalusian breeders over-quote their young horses’ height potential. 

In this case Shane has a Pure Spanish family where stallions stand in the 17-17.2h.h. height bracket and Pure Spanish mares generally range from 16.1 to 16.3h.h.


Colour:- Currently displaying Primitive Bay colouring; But has unusual Red eyelashes and a reddish tinge to his mane & tail hair.

Markings:- Pangaré; 
White:- Star, Stripe & Snip + Near-hind Sock.  

Availability:- Now On Offer.

Current Price:- $6,000 ONO until the end of the Easter Holiday long weekend.  After Easter his price will increase to reflect what he has grown into, in his 1st year.


I am so smitten by this colt's early athletic prowess. He is so powerful and well balanced. I think he'll be a star, if we can catch the eye of a skilled rider.

You certainly don't see Andalusians with the muscling he displays; Or at least I never have, in over 40 years of owning and breeding Spanish Horses.

I am 'really proud' of this boy. If you have questions, please PM; But "Only" if you are genuinely looking to buy a young horse with top-notch potential.

Shane's Pedigree



Rare Gold Champagne with dark mane & tail resembling his sire in base colour. Also carrying Agouti from his dam.

Colorado MFI

Will not be placed under saddle, due to the remaining affects of a severe illness which was contracted during the Whooping Cough epidemic, in the winter of 2010.

Moroccan MF

Chestnut (Black Liver) - DNA Colour Verified

ASSASSIN of Massey Farms . . . . . . . . ( San Miranda Capitan )

17.2h.h. Non-fading Black with a magnificent temperament. Exported.

Anchorbar Mitzi

Grey mare with a Chestnut base coat - Robust & well conformed

Chirnside Orquidea

S1-Ticked Rabicano with Belly Patch

Manuka Zafiro

The most successful Andalusian in Royal Melbourne Show History


Dark Mahogany Bay - Dam of Australia's most versatile Andalusian Stallion.


Champagne mare bought from saleyards as a yearling. Now an elegant galloway with the loveliest of temperaments.


Probably sired by a Champagne coloured QH, imported from the USA. It is thought that "3 Bars Cajun Doc" is the most likely her sire; But she could also be by Pepe Buck or there's a remote possibility she has an Appaloosa heritage.




Thought to be an Arabian Pony.



MFI Spellbound . . . Sally

Black, Extensive Tobiano.

Passions Skipper (imp. USA)

Bay Sabino/Tobiano PHAA Reg. ID 6225 AmPHA Reg. #543,439

Black Passion - USA

Black Tobiano Full brother to SOULUTION (1997 World Champion) & AIN'TCHAMAMAIMPREST - mare (200 Halter Points)

Obsesed to Impress

Sorrel Overo (World Champion Aged Stallion & 3-time Reserve World Champion - 758 points) Sire of 20 World & Reserve World Champions. Half-brother to CONSPIRACY (World Champion Open & Amateur Yearling Gelding).

A Wee Bit White

Bay Tobiano/Overo

Skip Powder

(QH) Through his sire represents the famous Skipper W line

San Miranda Sabrina

16.3 & 1/2 h.h. (Daughter by Dark Eagle exported.)

Banbury Sanchez (imp. USA)

15.2h.h. Grand Prix Dressage State Champion National Res. Champ.

Mayville Lodge Moreno Condesa

16.2h.h. Started a Dynasty of Black horses over 16.2h.h. through Assassin & his sister Sabrina

Egeo (imp. Spain)

16h.h. Classified Aust. Stock Horse Supreme Camp Drafter

Manuka Palique

16.1h.h. Tap-root mare for horses' of size & carriers of the Red Factor - Chestnut, now accepted by Spain.

Day 2

Year 2