Luminoso GF (imp. USA)

Luminoso GF (imp. USA) after a haircut. Like many of our Andalusians, Luminoso has such a thick mane and grows so quickly, we need to trim it like this almost every year. Unlike those who now cultivate long manes on this breed, as if they were children's toys, I have no desire to subject my horse's neck to the imbalance, drag & weight that is created by an abnormally long mane.

Luminoso GF (imp. USA)


16.1h.h. A linebred, 100% Escalera stallion, with over 450 years of Pure Spanish Performance Horse Breeding underpinning his pedigree.

Doctor XVI (imp. Spain)

Prized Escalera stallion based in the USA

Ladina (imp. Spain)

100% Escalera Gremlin Farms matriarch - producer of multiple USA Champions including the highly prized Navarre GF

Luminoso GF (imp. USA) Rising 20yrs of age.