Buyer's "Wanted Horse" Order Form

A QUICK REMINDER, that this group is devoted to the "Free Advertising" i.e. Buying, Selling and Wanted Horse's ... As such PRICES MUST BE INCLUDED.

Unfortunately it is NOT POSSIBLE TO UPDATE an Advertisement as regularly as it was possible on Facebook. The best I can offer is a monthly review, where new information can be added; Or you can submit a totally new advert for uploading. The aim remains to minimise clutter and get every horse seen.

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on who can see the pages and as such there is nothing to confirm who you might be dealing with ... This means YOU NEED TO "TAKE CARE" and not automatically trust anyone & everyone just because they're a Member.

REPORT ANY PROBLEMS. I'm not sure if I can help but "I'll Definitely Try".

And if you want the Group to Work For You, help keep it "Free Of Scammers" and suspicious characters by reporting their names//alias's; I'll compile list of those reported for all to see. ... And secondly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, "Help Expand The Legitimate Audience" by inviting your Friends, Acquaintances and Friends Of Friends TO JOIN US.