Massey Farms Stallions

Below you will find A List Of Our Stallions with their Service Fees (because it has been requested). We do not have the resources of an International Thoroughbred Stud ~ I include this because incorrect assumptions are often made ~ Nor do we farm our horses like traditional, high density Warmblood Breeding Operations that people seem more familiar with nowadays. We provide a more relaxed environment for our stallions and the mares that visit them.

All the horses listed below are available through Live Cover Only in 2020 ... We will leave the Final Spring Line-up of 3 or 4 Stallions, in the hands of Mare Owners. This means whoever is Booked first will Stand To The Public, (unless something unforeseeable happens to change all our plans, and in this day & age of COVID-19 we need to keep that in mind).

At Stud in 2021- 22

  • Cortès (Black-Chestnut Champagne 15.3h.h.) ~ $1,650

First Season Sires - Limited Books

  • Max (Buttermilk Buckskin 14.3 - 15h.h.) ~ $1,100
  • El Cid (Amber Champagne Pearl 15.2h.h.) ~ $1,650

Designer Breeding Sires - Not at Public Stud

  • Andaluka Argent (Heterozygous Grey on Black 15.1h.h.) ~ $1,650
  • Luminoso (Homozygous Black 16.1h.h.) ~ $2,200
  • Majodero (Smokey Black Pearl 15.3h.h.) ~  POA. Mares also being offered For Sale bred to this stallion.

Booking is 15% of the Service Fee (Deductible & Non-refundable, required prior to the Mare's Arrival at the Stud Farm).
Handling is another 15% of the Service Fee (Due upon the Mare's Arrival at the Stud Farm).
Balance Due before the mare leaves the Stud Farm.

Agistment and Vet are additional costs that the Mare Owner should budget for above & beyond the Service Fees. Agistment will depend on feed costs at the time you send the mare to the Stud Farm. Veterinary Costs will be dependant on the individual mare and what form of Preg-Testing her owner opts for. Obviously there are trade-offs between the two, which those who have bred a foal before will understand. For the uninitiated, you can ultrasound a mare as early as 14 days; However twin pregnancies can easily be missed at this time due to the size & placement of the embryo. Therefore a second ultrasound will be recommended by the Vet and you have gained nothing from the earlier test, "unless" ~ If it is a bad year for feed and costs are high, you may want to risk taking the mare home on that first Positive alone. This is the Mare Owner's decision. We recommend that you do neither, at least until after 22 - 23 Days when the mare has been Teased Again, to see if she shows any interest in Returning to the stallion for a 2nd Cover.

Horses are not machines they are Beings and mating is a stressful time for the mare, especially when she is being asked to accept an unfamiliar horse. Please remember this. We are finding AI marketing has programmed people to think of the Broodmare & Stallion as sex crazed; And it is definitely not the case. As silly as it sounds, they can have their hearts broken, just like us ... I have seen a young Andy Stallion fall head-over-heels-in-love with a TB mare that was visiting a different stallion on our property. The horse never had any sexual interaction with her. She was paddocked across a laneway from him and you would not have known he was attracted to her until the day she left. He did not walk the fence line or spend alot of time standing at that end of the paddock; But he still developed what would best be called a schoolboy crush and he let us know how devastated he was when she left. Again, not by running the fence-lines; But by standing in the furtherest corner of his paddock, giving a heartbreaking whinny. It was one of the saddest things I have witnessed and I have seen quite a bit over the past 50 years. So I ask mare owners to think of their mares as living breathing loving beings, in the same way we think of our stallions. Remember they are as unsure as you are about meeting a new potential partner; But they do it because you've put them in that position. So choose well.

Sister Stud Stallions

At Pirron Park
Alfredo II (Bay Sabino) ~ TBA ~  MF Mares are being offered For Sale bred to this stallion.
Sam (Homozygous Black 16.3 -17h.h.) ~ Availability TBA.