Past experience has taught us not to geld our colts prior to sale, unless it suits the use we have for that horse at a certain time; And since we believe Entires must have excellent temperament to breed-on, all our Colts and Non-breeding Stallions are run in bachelor herds, mimicking nature. It gives the young horses a continued social education and ensures the older stallions don't suffer from the mental stress of being isolated like a prisoner ... It may not be as easy to run horses like this, all the time; But it is well worth the work to ensure our boys have the comfort & confidence that is born of companionship and the freedom to make decisions & interact naturally. It means our boys are so relaxed that it is not uncommon to see people looking for their testicles.

If you want a gelding to ride, I suggest you give Shane, Tango Β & Danny your consideration. You can view their conformation & developmental photos by clicking on their names, which are linked to their Photo Albums.