All prices are subject to change, without notice, after one calender month from the time of publication. And this "will" occur depending on the season and how motivated we are to sell that particular individual.

Horses on this website may be withdrawn from sale at any time, without notice, prior to a purchase being initiated i.e. deposit paid.

All agreed payment plans should be strictly adhered to. If unforeseen difficulties arise, the purchaser should inform the vendor in writing as soon as possible and arrange a new payment schedule.

Layby's that show no activity for a period greater than 4 weeks shall be considered abandoned, unless revised arrangements have been agreed in writing.

Where payment is delayed beyond 4 weeks from the initial enquiry, or if the horse is purchased on a "Layby" payment plan, the purchaser will incur paddock agistment charges of $6 to $24 per day (depending on the season, the property the horse resides at and the stage of life the horse is at).

For all "Lay-by" time payment plans exceeding 8 weeks in length, the purchaser is expected to pay feed, husbandry and maintenance costs, such as worming, farrier, dentist and vaccinations, etc.

Horses purchased on "Lay-by" whilst in training, or competing, will continue the training program they are on, as set-out by the stud, until full and final payment is completed. The charges relating to the horse's keep will be the resposibility of the purchaser. The vendor will only pay entry fees and transport to & from events.

The pictures on our Sales Pages show a cross-section of breeds, colours, types and ages. To help me cope with the workload, I have published prices with those we are motivated to sell. POA means Price On Application. EOI means Expressions Of Interest are welcome on a highly valued horse; (Don't bother enquiring about that one if you've got to ask about time payment options).

Please understand I have poor health and at times it is very difficult to keep up with the "many" enquiries I get, especially if everyone wants extra photos or videos. I do the best I can with what I have. I am not a professional photographer or videographer and unlike other studs I do not have a team of helpers.

Videos of horses in training will come from the Professional Trainer working with the horse/s. Most of the time, movement photos are included with the conformation photos on the Horse's individual page.

Regarding the range of colours, patterns & heights we have, I keep no secrets; So those people that message, phone or email every 3, 6 or 12 months asking for a list of horses "please understand" there's nothing hidden in our back paddock. 

If you want a specific age, colour, height, bloodline or the horse is to be use for a specific purpose, put that detail in your enquiry and I will show you anything that comes close to meeting your criteria. As for special colours, there aren't alot of them on the ground, so there won't be many for sale.

And finally, "please" don't expect us to sell an older broodmare as a cheaper riding horse. Most of the older ladies were purchased as career broodies and have never been broken to saddle. The mares that are suitable for riding are marked as such.

To the many people that provide quality homes for our horses and take the time to forward an occassional update. We get a great deal of joy from hearing about your adventures and sucesses. Thank you for including us. There is nothing more rewarding.