Magnificent Majodero R (imp. USA).

The 1st PSP - Pure Spanish Portuguese horse in Australasia and the 1st horse of Lusitano stock-horse blood to reach Australian shores ...

Also the 1st Pearl confirmed by scientists at UC Davis. He is a very special horse that was pivotal to the re-discovery of Queen Isabella's favourite colour.

Rabat ... One the most "uniquely" coloured young colts on farm at present.

He is a Pearl sired by Majodero, Out of the Moroccan-line of Black-Chestnut Pure Spanish Horses with a Dun factor thrown in by a daughter of Phoenix MF.

Pagan MF aka Teddy - This Massey Farms bred Pure Spanish Colt won the AHAA's National Champion Led Stallion over the largest assembly of Spanish Stallions & Colts presented at a Show, in Australia. He was only 17mths of age at the time and it was his 1st outing.

In years to come this horse would dominated Australia's East Coast Shows and achieved the rare honour of qualifying for SICAB; i.e. The Spanish Trade Fair which has become known as the World Championship Show for Spanish Horses, since 1991 ...

He was so highly regarded, as was our breeding program beyond Australian shores, that we received a request from Thailand's Royal Family asking to view this colt whilst they were on a trip to Australia. This was a nod to history and to quality of horse produced by our small stud which we acknowledge is still an infant on the world stage. It was also another of the many firsts we have achieved whilst representing and promoting Australia's P.R.E. Andalusian Breeders abroad. And because we have done our job so well, a new wave of P.R.E. Studs has now been birthed to a dying association and its counterpart that never was without riding on our coat-tails.

Within our current breeding herd we still retain a daughter, a son and a niece to this stallion as part of our continued dedication to preserving a diverse range of the most select Spanish bloodlines.

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