This is The List I've been Asked For ...

This is the List Of Horses we are prepared to part with ... It is not our preferred way of selling. We have always tried to "match" the horse to the home, the job, the level of accomplishment and the capabilities of their future rider; BUT I am asked more often than not by tyre-kickers wanting to fill-in time, to provide them with a Sales List. So here it is! A List of names, with links to Photos Albums where they can look at lots of pretty pictures.

"IF" you are Genuinely Looking to Purchase "A New Partner" From Us, it is much prefer that you forward a written introduction telling us about yourself i.e. describing your dream horse and outlining your ultimate goal/s for that horse. If you find this a bit daunting you may like to use our Andalusian Australia "Buyer's" Form. Or you can simply message me on Facebook if you see something on one of our pages that you think might match or go close to meeting your needs & requirements.

🎠 Andalusian
♥️ Iberian
⭐️ Thoroughbred ⭐️
💥 Quarter Horse  
Miniature Horse 🎁   

These horses are either priced, or can be, for those who are Ready To Buy.




  • ⭐️ Gerry ⭐️
  • ½♥️ Danny (Full-brother to Retained Broodmare "Pink").
  • ♥️ Archi - Available with Breedings Retained.
  • ♥️ Rabat - Available with Breedings Retained.
  • ♥️ Aladdin - Available with Breedings Retained.
  • ½♥️ Lenny (Full-brother to Retained Broodmare "Pink").
  • ½♥️ Mussels - Available with Breedings Retained.
  • ¾🎠 Tango - 2YO from a family of incredible movers.
  • ½🎠 Shane - Yearling with high level performance potential.
  • Buddy🎁


  • 🎠 Sooty Proven broodmare
  • 🎠 Dulce maiden
  • 🎠 Mary-Lou X Luminous GF (imp. USA) in Spring 2023.
  • 🎠 Coco bred to Majodero R (imp. USA) Spring 2022.
  • 🎠 Josie Proven broodmare
  • ½🎠 Flicka Maiden
  • ½🎠 Skye Maiden
  • 🎠 Penny Proven broodmare in-foal to Majodero R (imp. USA).
  • 🎠 Peggy-Sue Proven broodmare
  • ⭐️ Dream ⭐️ Maiden 
  • ⭐️ Maggie ⭐️ Proven broodmare
  • ½💥Dusty ½⭐️ Empty. Open to breed or put under saddle.
  • ⭐️ Reims ⭐️ Maiden
  • ⭐️ Crystal ⭐️ Proven broodmare
  • ⭐️ Princess ⭐️ Proven dam of Stakes Winners 
  • ⭐️ Killa ⭐️ Empty. Open to breed or ready to start under saddle.
  • ⭐️ Churchill ⭐️ Empty. Open to breed or ready to start under saddle.
  • ⭐️ Bubbles ⭐️ Available with 2022 breeding to your choice of stallion
  • ⭐️ Manners ⭐️ Maiden
  • ⭐️ Cat ⭐️ Available with Spring 2023 breeding to Cortés.
  • 🎠 Ballerina Proven broodmare. Left empty in 2022/23.