Jock aka Oscuro Aguila (Dark Eagle)

Dark Eagle (Oscuro Aguila)

16h.h. The most "perfectly" conformed horse - Highly intelligent & passes this onto his progeny

Jugetono I

A magnificent Dressage Champion. One of the best of his era. Often ridden side-saddle

Bodeguero (imp. Spain)

Foundation sire. Imported by Ray Williams an incredibly astute horse man that provided Australia with the best of Spain's horses.

Leopardo (ESP)


Military Brand sire: Furioso dam: Balida

Furioso (ESP)

sire: Americano dam: Furiosa

Balida (ESP)

sire: Destinado II dam: Respetuosa



Jimenez Brand

Leopardo (ESP)


Military Brand sire: Furioso dam: Balida

Generosa VII (ESP)

sire: Furioso V dam: Contiada

Juguetona IX (imp. Spain)

Taproot mare for Black colour gene. Founded an extremely fertile line of horses in Australia.



Military Brand

Juglar (ESP)

sire: Destinado III dam: Furiosa III

Sena (ESP)

sire: Estepeno dam: Heredera III

Barquillera XV


Benitez Brand

Indiano II (ESP)

sire: Cancionero III dam: Indiana VI

Labradora IV (ESP)

sire: Navarro II dam: Valenciana IX

Manuka Chespeante

The highest scoring mare from Australia's 1st Revision even though she was lame with arthritis & viewed around mid-night under torch lights

Luisillo (imp. Spain)

The most prolific producer in the Australian Andalusian herd. Some discrepency in his progeny being over 16h.h. & mostly Bay prior to 1982. Then only producing Grey horses around 15.2h.h. after this date.

Habano II

Torres Brand

Boticario (ESP)

Habana (ESP)



Domecq Brand

Maluso (ESP)

sire: Lebrero dam: Romerada

Rociana II (ESP)

sire: Buen Mozo III dam: Rociana

Dama III (imp. Spain)

A mare of unique bloodlines not utilised enough at stud. This line is now a rarity.

Egoista IV


Military Brand

Maluso (ESP)

sire: Lebrero dam: Romerada

Maluca (ESP)

sire: Lebrero dam: Adorada



Military Brand

Leopardo (ESP)


Military Brand sire: Furioso dam: Balida

Unidad (ESP)

sire: Estepeno dam: Galeria

Breed:- PRE Andalusian
Colour:- Black-Bay Dun
Height:- 16h.h.
Features: Extremely intelligent.
                  Conformation and action that connot be faulted.
                  Improves every mare.
                  Extremely strong Dun gene.
                  Brilliant jumping ability passed on to every foal.

This stallion was Leased to Mr. Kerry Clissold of Mirboo North, to provide a Stud Stallion with different bloodlines to Pat & Tom Ball's El Caballero horses on the Eastside of Melbourne and unfortunately, was never returned from Gippsland on the Horse Transport that was sent to collect him. For many years we were told Kerry was going to return him; But he never did. This meant a magnificent Spanish Stallion with natural jumping ability was never utilised as much as he should have been which is a great shame for the breed in general.