Krecente (pictured left) & Saracen (right)

Massey Farms Spanish Horse Stud
Now proven breeders of Lusitano horses and rare coloured Iberian Horses.

Primarily a sheep grazing property in the Western District of Victoria, and 52 acres at Lara, less than a one hour drive from Melbourne Airport and the City Center.
“Laraway” - the site under development as a Spanish Horse Breeding Facility is easily accessed via the Princes Freeway by International Clientele Whilst it is ideally situated just 10 minutes from Avalon Airport, for the Interstate buyer.

In the terms of an International Spanish horse breeding entity, the stud established in 1984, is still regarded as being in its infancy. However, it is the only stud in the Asia Pacific Region, recognized around the world for it’s own breeding program and producing a distinct ‘stamp’ of horse.
This is true to the way of “Old Spain”, where century long-standing breeding formulated an Andalusian horse’s type & suitability, which was simply defined by the breeders, family name.

Massey Farms put Australia on the map Internationally, initiating the sale of their PRE Andalusian Progeny & Stallion Services via shipped semen, to countries never before accessed by Australasia. Invited to present stallions before a Tai delegation for the Royal family, approached by the Indian military to supply breeding stock & accepting the first enquiry from Singapore. We are now experienced in shipping to most regions around the world.

Our Brand - A Mark of Quality

The COLOURFUL Mares on Winter Drought Feed

Unlike most Andalusian breeders, the management team at Massey Farms believe horse & rider must connect intuitively. We realise, it is impossible to have the ideal horse for every client, so we are happy to assist with referrals. In the late 1990's a full Equine Consultancy service evolved, out of the need to assist people to find the ‘right’ Andalusian. In most cases buyers require help, to sift through distorted information. Our experience with the breed, bloodlines and Australian bred families is a great resource to draw upon. We often have phone calls from establish breeders and high school riders who want the benefit of our first hand knowledge.

When it comes to finding the horse to meet a particular need our aim is to circumvent the profiteers & desperate sellers and to ensure the horse purchased meets the buyer's required criteria. As a "boutique breed" in this country and a beautiful looking animal, the Andalusian is often desired by novice horsemen. Unfortunately this means it is also an ideal breed for "Dealers" to make use of. For this reason we are always prepared and available to help educate the amateur before they are parted from their money.
Be aware, the current lesson is to recognise that a horse is not more Pure or more Spanish; Nor is it guaranteed to have correct conformation, if the stud / breeder / owner / vendor has purchased a registration booklet from Spain.

Integrity, is paramount at Massey Farms and this is affirmed by the number of return buyers & high-profile people, that take comfort in the additional support we offer. It is rewarding to have the feedback & know that we have been able to give a rider the opportunity to find their special ‘dream horse’ and make that magical connection.

A Class above the rest at 15 mths

Proven further under saddle as a mature horse

Young Stallions adding to the Colour Spectrum